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Fuji PLC and HMI Systems

Fuji PLC

WSZ Controller

The Ultimate Compact Controller : The slender design not only saves mounting space, but allows the entire system including distribution panel and control box to be downsize.
More simple configuration : The combination of WSZ controller,Fuji ’s servo system and HMI enables to reduce wiring,simplify control and maximize performance.
High Performance : With “System on Chips “ ((SoC),WSZ controller realized integration of powerful features such as three high-speed communication ports,four sets of hardware high-speed counters /timers, four axes of high-speed pulse outputs for NC positioning control (with linear interpolation or dynamic tracking)16 high-speed interrupts or captured inputs.

Micrex-sx-SPH Series

Realizes High-Speed Advanced Machine Control
I/O control with a program capacity of up to 256K steps and up to 655,36 points enables suitable system configuration ranging from small through to large scale. 1ms program scan and I/O refresh are possible. Function and performance distribution are possible in multi-CPU system configuration with up to 8 CPUs

Open Network Oriented
Both the hardware and software conform to the IEC 61131 international standard for programmable controllers. Compatible with Ethernet, LonWorks, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, AS-i, and other diverse open networks.

Realizes Integrated Programming Support
Provides an environment in which each support tool can be launched by simply clicking on a device in a network structure diagram or system configuration diagram on a PC. Allows setup of parameters of inverter and servo via SPH and enables remote data monitor operation, thereby eliminating troublesome wiring changes.

Integrated control, information, and communication
With the aid of an upgraded data processing function, mass memory storage, and a built-in Ethernet function, the SPH is capable of monitoring the operation of production systems and devices and recording operation history and errors in addition to conventional FA control, enabling you to use the controller for wider applications of IT-based remote monitoring, maintenance support, and preventive maintenance. CPU and power supply redundancy can also be achieved in response to the growing demand for higher reliability.

Micrex-sx-SPH 3000MM Series

Monitouch HMI V8 Series
Fuji Electric’s Monitouch HMI V8 Series ranges from 5.7-inches up to 15-inches as well as 7.5-inches for the TFT handheld model. This series can communicate up to 8 different PLCs, drives, and temperature control protocols, which allows you to simultaneously exchange the data as a gateway. Each model is also compatible with the MSDE/SQL database as well as a USB mouse, keyboard, and printer.

Realizes high-speed, high-accuracy processing
I/O refresh up to 0.25 ms is realized by increasing command process speed and innovative evolution in bus control method. The high-speed control conventionally achieved only with the microcomputer board is also enabled. Moreover, the data memory capacity is expanded. This allows the alarm and history information to be recorded, promoting application to the production monitoring system.

Fuji HMIs

Evolution from the SX bus to the E-SX bus
The E-SX bus evolved from a system bus, SX bus, has been released. 4,096 words of direct connection I/O capacity, or 8 times the previous capacity; 2,048 words/ms of refresh performance, or 16 times the previous performance; and 100 Mbps/100 m of transmission rate and station-to-station distance 4 times the previous values allow application to further complicated and large-scale devices and facilities.

Monitouch HMI S8 Series
Fuji Electric’s Monitouch HMI S8 Series has entry-level models (5.7-inches mono, 5.7-inches color, and 8.4-inches TFT color available) that offer superior usability and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to have serial connection with two different PLCs through two serial ports. The S8 Series also has a USB port that allows you to make quick screen program transfers as well as have connection to a “Pictbridge” printer for printing functions.

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